Quick facts

The Parkdale Community Food Bank is a grass roots organization, founded by volunteers in November 2007, after the threatened closure of the 25 yearold Saint Phillips Pantry. At that time, Parkdale's food bank was at risk of disappearing.

Located on King Street West in the heart of Parkdale, our philosophy reflects a strong commitment to a client-based model, where respect, inclusion and the dignity of our members is the first priority. The food bank uses a shopping system, as opposed to the more common hamper system to maximize selection and respect member's various dietary needs.

Did you know?

The Parkdale Community Food Bank:  

  • serves up to 2,000 people each month.
  • distributes between 3.5 and 5 tonnes of food each week.
  • commits $5,000 a year for additional food purchases, such as milk and eggs.
  • relies on 50 committed volunteers to make the food bank work.
  • sees a role for the food bank in helping people economically reintegrate into the community.
  • provides advocacy services to our members on issues of housing, social services and abuse, wherever possible. We hope to expand these services.

Serving the community

The estimated total value of donated and purchased food is approximately $500,000 annually, while the annual cost of running the organization is expected to be $70,000 for 2016. Like all other food banks, we receive no direct funding from any level of government. We must raise all of our funds independently. We depend on donations from individuals. Donations over $20 are tax-deductible and will receive a tax-receipt along with our sincere thanks.   

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