The board of directors is the governing body of the Parkdale Community Food Bank, ensuring that the diligent task of providing for our membership is done fairly. If there are any questions or concerns pertaining the organization and it's governance, please do not hesitate to contact our chair or vice-chair at from the e-mails listed below.

Alicia, Acting Chair

Alicia has been with the board for 2 years, and was voted as Vice Chair along side Jack. She's been working on creating a vision for the future and assisting the other members with their projects. 

Kristy, Member

Kristy has been instrumental in creating partnerships for the Parkdale Community Foodbank. Most notably she fostered a long and fruitful relationship with 14 Division.

Alex, Secretary/Treasurer

Alex has been a powerhouse since joining the board in 2018. She has taken on many projects to improve the financial health and the business relationships within the community.

Gurbeen, Member

Gurbeen has many talents. She brings them all to the board room table. Her company Aangen has worked in partnership with the foodbank on many projects and acquisitions. 

Laurie, Member

Laurie recently joined the board but brings with her a wealth of experience in community engagement and public strategy. Since joining the board she's been working to improve the food banks operating systems. 

David, Fundraising Chair

David has been with the board for many years. During his tenure as Fundraising Chair he has brought in long time donors and Christmas turkeys every year. 

Jane, Member

Jane has recently joined the board. In her short time on the board she has infused life to many projects and is currently developing relationships to expand the service offerings of the foodbank.