How to Help

The Parkdale Community Food Bank lives entirely off independent contributions from our friends and partners in the community with no government support. There are many ways to help the Parkdale Community Food Bank, outlined below this paragraph and the provided links.


Our amazing volunteers

Interested in volunteering your time, resources or skills to the Parkdale Community Food Bank? A strong community is a diverse community adding insight and experience to help us grow. Click this link here to get started on how to volunteer for the Parkdale Community Food Bank.


Boxes of donated treats

Donations keep our operation running, provide fresh produce and milk to our clients and help us improve the quality of service we provide. Click here for more information regarding donating to the Parkdale Community Food Bank.


Inspiring people helping those in need

The Parkdale Community Food Bank exists for a reason. There are the hungry, the poor and the less-fortunate in our community, in our city. The food bank exists to help alleviate this problem by the offering healthy food to those in need. Start a discussion with your friends and family, colleagues and associates in your respective community. Visit our facts page for some talking points about food banks and recent statistics.

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