Volunteers Are Always Welcome

If you would like to be involved in direct service to our members, talk to us about giving some time to the organization. You will find it a warm and welcoming place where people know that they are an important part of the process. We are always looking for help whether it be serving food, handling our inventory or outreach programs. For more information, reach our Volunteer Coordinator at


Set Up A Food Drive

Setting up a food drive is a simple and effective way to do something concrete for those in need, as well as a rewarding endeavour for organizers and participants. We are always happy to offer advice and assistance for food drives and have the ability to pick up donations anywhere in the Toronto region. For more information, reach us at


If volunteering and food drives aren't you're thing, the quickest and easiest way to help is to donate online!


Company Team Volunteer Days

Note: This program is currently suspended due to COVID-19.

Company Team Volunteer Days are a wonderful opportunity for employees to work together serving our members and learning first hand about Food Banks and issues of poverty in Canada.  It is a way to make a tangible contribution while building team cohesion.

PCFB will work with you to plan a day tailored to the needs of your group, which may include a meal together at a local restaurant or other facility.  The day includes an orientation by the Executive Director, where issues of poverty and social justice will be discussed, as well as the opportunity of meeting with our senior volunteers and sharing their experiences.  Guest speakers may also be invited to make the day even more informative and rewarding. The Team will also be invited to help out by holding a company food drive and/or fund drive, where they can work as a group to engage their colleagues in our valuable and needful work.  It is a very fulfilling experience.


We have found that Company teams leave the experience with a sense that they have made a difference in the lives of our members, while strengthening relations among their team's members. For more information, reach our Volunteer Coordinator at